Thursday, January 14, 2010

Updates and a Giveaway

We have tees in all sizes in both black and a blueish turquoise that looks really good. Pictures will be up when things are able to be seen on the laptop screen (whenever that is), and remember that if you get a shirt with a tune, you save $7 (basically a free wax).

Next Thursday at Lakeridge is the Switch Thursday Night Throwdown and showing up to kick it off will be the Westbeach/Signal rep and some guys from the Signal team filming and hanging out with their RV full of gear to demo and win.

As for news today, Lakeridge announced that they're continually reworking Little Razor and they'll be opening up the halfpipe at 3pm, so get ready for some good times in the pipe starting today.

Get out there tonight and the first person to spot me wins a free shirt.

Google the setup to know what to look for:

'08 Foursquare Michalyria Bearrug jackt
686 x Dragon Pants black
Bern Baker
Anon Realm goggles
'09 Ride DH
'09 Rome Targas

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