Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Movin' On Up!

We're closing out this blogspot site and moving on to something that is easy and better for you guys to move around and find information on. To keep checking us out, head on over to our new site on wordpress

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sale Sale Sale

The season's winding down, so it's time to have a sale for all of you. For the month of March, UL tees are now $20 and when getting you're equipment tuned, just ask for a free hot scrape to clean out your base and have it ready to ride at the beginning of next season when the snow is falling again. Go take advantage of all those great season-ending sales at the local shops and get a new setup for real cheap, and then bring it in and we'll get it all ready to ride for you.

So, again:
Month of March
UL tees are $20 (reg. $25)
Ask for a free hot scrape when getting your equipment tuned

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Double McTwist 12

I have no idea what to say before this video other than wow...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

BB Edit

We said to watch out for an edit coming up, and it came sooner than expected. Here you go, enjoi

Everyone Meet Ben... from UNiCORNLove on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Everyone meet Ben Buschke

We'd like to welcome aboard Ben Buschke. He's a kid that kills it on whatever kind of board you can throw at him, whether it's a snowboard, wakeboard, wakeskate, hell, he could probably make a 2x4 look easy to trick. Between unpacking from Turks and repacking for Whistler, he took the time to sit down and let you know what's going on in this action-packed life of his.

Let's get ready to rumbleeee

ooooo pressure

Haha, meh, whatever, nothing big, no pressure. Getting run outta Turks & Caicos is pressure haha, what happened with that? It looked like you were having a pretty unreal time.

haha, bad luck I guess… poor weather, cheap local employees, recession spending and my party routine probably didn't help.
But yes there were some pretty unreal times, great lot of people down there

What about that coke gig you had going for a while? What'd you do for them?

NOTHING! I got trained, which i didn't get paid for and didn't get any hours when I needed them. But I have an insider working on getting me some employment time come spring, which i need to pay for school

Aw damn, doing what? Merchandising? I did that one summer for Pepsi and it was a little terrible.

Building orders, not sure if its the same thing. Its using a mini fork lift to move around pallets and you stack different cases of soda to go on the trucks to go to stores. It doesn't really seem too fun but, I get paid.
I also should have enough money come summer to just have a fun job

Solid, what’s shaping up with Vancouver? You moving out to Whistler because you're sick of no snow or something?

well i have a few interviews when i get in one being at whistler which I'm banking on.. hope it works out.
we just got dumped on down at the lou [Mt. St. Louis].. haha no pun intended. But we actually just got a bunch of snow there so it's been a good last few days, I still think we got it just to spite me leaving.

Yea, whistler would be pretty unreal this year to work at with the olympics and all that going on. What's happening at MSLM, any riders getting noticed over that way looking to break out?

I don't know about looking to break out, snowboarding has become such a scene around MSLM, everyone’s gotta be rocking the new fad. Either they try to dress and act like pros (seen a few Chris Bradshaws) or just wear crazy stuff. With that said the are a lot of awesome riders at louis daily, but they are all super down. They know it's not what they rock that makes them stand out its their riding. They aren't hell bent on being the next Shaun White or that jazz, they just want to ride and it shows… It’s the guys that are idolizing the pros that want to go big time.

Yea man, I hear that, tons of kids around my area are wearing the latest, "coolest" gear and running their mouths and shit-talking every skier... I don't know about you, but from my times outside of Onterrible, a good amount of skiers I've seen and talked to have been super cool and ride a ton harder than most boarders I know.

oh man i've been riding with skiers a ton as of late, and they do throw it down so hard. The feud between skiers and boarders is over. It's now just the battle between park rats and non-park riders. I cant really get too upset when the non rippers are in the park because i'm just happy when I'm on board, Its just never cool when someone cuts you off when your bombing into a fifty footer but there is always another chair.

Alright, just a couple more to close this out... What's the biggest thing in snowboarding you'd like to see changed by next year, whether it's tech, riders, or a general trend

I try not to hate but I'd like to see less money being spent on "specialized freestyle lessons". Its just breeding the wrong mentality of snowboarding. The idea that kids have that they can just get their parents to throw out a whole bunch of money at a coach to make their kid a ripper is wrong. To each their own but, since day one of snowboarding I have never had a lesson I got better by falling a lot and riding with guys who are better than myself. It's my own journey and paying money to fast track the adventure seems weird. .

Well put, have fun out west man, and hopefully we'll meet up in Revelstoke if you can get out there at the same time I am

I'll definitely try man the rev looks unreal

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Intrawest is in trouble

So, Intrawest (owners of Whistler/Blackcomb, Blue Mountain, Tremblant, etc.) have missed some loan payments and the lenders are looking for that money. What do they plan to do? Auction off Whistler of course, so if you have the money, buy that up and I'll come ride with you whenever you want.

Read the article here

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finally... T shirt shots

Sorry for the huge delay in putting these up. The laptop is still broken, but I worked around it and got the shots and put 'em up... enjoi
$25 regular
$18 with a wax & sharpen

White Lies & French Fries

Here's a free video brought to you courtesy of Quite Alright Productions called White Lies & French Fries..... enjoi!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

First Teasers of the Season

Here are the first two teasers for vids coming out next year that I've seen so far.

Stop...Hammer Time!!! by SixEleven Productions

Now You Know by Sandbox

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Updates and a Giveaway

We have tees in all sizes in both black and a blueish turquoise that looks really good. Pictures will be up when things are able to be seen on the laptop screen (whenever that is), and remember that if you get a shirt with a tune, you save $7 (basically a free wax).

Next Thursday at Lakeridge is the Switch Thursday Night Throwdown and showing up to kick it off will be the Westbeach/Signal rep and some guys from the Signal team filming and hanging out with their RV full of gear to demo and win.

As for news today, Lakeridge announced that they're continually reworking Little Razor and they'll be opening up the halfpipe at 3pm, so get ready for some good times in the pipe starting today.

Get out there tonight and the first person to spot me wins a free shirt.

Google the setup to know what to look for:

'08 Foursquare Michalyria Bearrug jackt
686 x Dragon Pants black
Bern Baker
Anon Realm goggles
'09 Ride DH
'09 Rome Targas