Friday, December 11, 2009

More Openings!!!

Mount St. Louis Moonstone is open today, not sure of the details or anything like that, but its closer to the city than Horseshoe, and it's open. Dagmar announced this morning on their twitter that tomorrow (Saturday) at 9am the lifts will open for the first time this year. Their website is crap, so don't bother looking there, and there aren't any details on discounted lift tickets as of now. Horseshoe is opening 2 more lifts and 3 more runs for the weekend, and the day pass is staying set at $25 for now. The season is finally here, come get your stuff waxed at ready to go

$3-hot scrape
$7-base repair
$12-set-up/binding customization

Also, Rome Premature Jibulation is happening at Horseshoe Sunday. Entry is $30 lift ticket and everything starts at 8:30am. Go try and win a new board, bindings, boots, etc. Free hotdogs and good times

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