Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So, apparently its snowed a bit out in Colorado, school's started, the days are getting shorter, everything to do with fall is happening, and after fall comes winter. Winter means snow, and snow means boarding (or skiing, whatever floats the boat). Right now is the perfect time to get your gear all dialled in for the upcoming season so that when the first 6 inches of snow stick to the ground, you can grab the phone, call your buddies and say "Let's go hit that rail we've been staring down all summer" and you'll know that all you need to do it throw on your boots, grab your board and you're ready.

Here are this year's prices:
Hot Hand-Wax - $7
Hot Scrape - $3
Edge Tune/Detune - $5
Base Repair - $7+ (depending on extent of damage)
Initial Snowboard Set-Up/Binding Customization- $12

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